27 October 2015

Umbria Assemblaggi specialises in adapting industrial vehicles

Founded in 1992, Umbria Assemblaggi today boasts a 24-strong team and occupies a work area of around 2000 square metres. Production is concentrated around three main sectors: metal joinery, construction and the adaptation of vehicles for construction purposes.

We devote maximum care to each sector, programming production according to the agreed timetable and with an attentive eye to deadlines and quality. Our ISO 9001:2008 qualification obtained in 2005 was  granted by one of Italy’s top qualifying bodies, Rina SPA.

Our skills

Umbria Assemblaggi specialises in working with materials that range from steel and inox steel to aluminium, from the creation of prototypes for machinery of various kinds to external commissions. We also carry out series welding with our automated welding platform, as well as permanent and mobile solar panel structures. The structures we complete are both in steel, to AISI standards and in aluminium.

Our pride: adapting industrial vehicles

Thanks to years of collaborating with leading international firms, Umbria Assemblaggi has developed its professional scope and capacities into sectors that are of considerable interest today, such as the industrial vehicles sector. In particular we specialise in constructing cabins and structures for specially adapted vehicles, including fittings of the cabins and the vehicles themselves. We adapt and construct airport vehicles, control platforms and transport vehicles for racing cars.


A complete line for solar panels

Umbria Assemblaggi offers a complete and certified line of structures for solar panels, either permanent or mobile – for parking areas, overhanging structures and also with mechanisms that adapt to the position of the sun –  in zinc heat-plated steel. Depending on the installation requirements, the altitude and the geological formation of the terrain, we provide personalised cost estimates that enable clients to optimise their solar energy to the full.

For the construction sector: Umass Planet

Umbria Assemblaggi is a specialised supplier of construction materials thanks to Umass Planet, with a broad variety of products on offer that cater for needs ranging from the most economical to the most unusual and unique. Architects and designer professionals will be able to make use of our 3D animation, interior and exterior renderings service. (

UmassPlanet is the area agent for the prestigious brand New Stone in Tuscany, Umbria and the Marches.