inl morsa 3.0
20 November 2015

Turning and milling firm INL deposits a new hunting rifle patent

With twenty years of experience, INL specialises in precision mechanical and metal assignments on
commission (precision turning and milling). We use specific production units and CNS precision machinery, with a strongly experienced work team of 10 members.

INL is able to guarantee productive capacity and quality in its finished products. Thanks to modern
technology and a technically prepared workforce, we are currently able to satisfy any requirement in terms of precision mechanics, including miniature scale mechanics and complex mechanical components, all to the highest standards of quality and precision. Our products are certified thanks to high pressure 3D measuring and measure checks.

Our technology

All manufacturing processes at INL are obtained with numerically controlled CNC equipment, which is both technologically advanced and able to produce high precision mechanical parts in steel and aluminium alloys. Optimal precision is ensured thanks so our micrometric space equipped with three-dimensional, two-dimensional, profile projectors and a broad assortment of digital instruments by Mitutoyo, TESA technology and Borletti Calibri, which in turn are accompanied by primary equipment (Slt certified Borletti plan-parallel blocks), all SIT calibrated for immediate on-spot tests.

With the aid of an innovative CAD-Cam design programme in 3D, we are able to offer clients greater support during the planning stages of each project. INL has always maintained the highest standards in the production of high precision mechanical details.

Work areas

INL is specialised in the making of precision parts, mechanical components, accessories and detailed metal parts for the following industrial sectors: orthopaedics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, cars, ships, food, racing cars and motorbikes, etc…




Fully aware of the crucial importance of innovation and patenting, INL has started production of its grip 3.0 “modello di utilità”, which is mounted on a Manfrotto-type tripod for hunting (the grip may be acquired by those already in possession of a tripod); the “sfera di busi“ tripod, an INL exclusive patent, comes complete with a balancer for long-barrelled firearms used either for hunting or range shooting up to 650 metres, weighing 2.3 kilograms); the mechanically operated Macchina Conta Metro is installed prior to the coiling of electric cables and has an encoder reading system.