16 November 2015

The crowdfunding campaign conceived by BIXE Italia is ready to start : from November, the 2nd you can support the Bixe Italia project on Indiegogo. The company based in Umbria has developed the innovative pedaling system for each type of bicycle

Everything is ready , from Monday, November the 2nd, 2015 , it will be possible to support the BiXeGear campaign: Discover The New Special Bike ! on the most popular crowdfunding

website in the world: Indiegogo (

special-bike). An ambitious project that aims to letting the World know about the innovative pedaling system called BIXE.

We have loved bikes, since we were children, – as the Bixe Italia Chairman Giovanni Pignatta points out – and we noticed that this simple and ingenious means, has maintained its basic structure throughout its story. In fact the only changes have been made on the materials of the individual components. So, as we are constantly looking for ideas that have the potential to respond to the current people’s needs, we changed the concept of bicycle as we know it, and we moved beyond . How? Facing life from an ‘alternate’ perspective with the BIXE , the gear that has revolutionized the concept of cycling forever. It lets get gaining more energy and strength out of this fantastic means! After testing it for years, now it is the time to promote it all over the globe and we would like it to happen through Indiegogo”.

The BixeGear will then be online on the Indiegogo platform from November . Users can contribute to the crowdfunding campaign by claiming a Perk. The Perks will be sent at the end of the campaign. Perks range from a simple thank ($ 5 ) to the gadgets. Then, there are early-bird and standard packages containing the mechanism BIXE. Finally, there is the chance to ” become a part of ” the project launched by the company, based in Passignano sul Trasimeno .

We realized that despite the positive feedbacks about our product, –Giovanni Pignatta continues- to produce it in high enough volume and make it affordable to all, requires capital. That thereason why, we decided to plan a crowdfunding campaign, looking for backers all over the world to realize our project. Our aim is to rise $ 300.000 and we think we can get in. Moreover if we exceed the amount established as the goal, we might be able to finance the following pieces of our project: put in production the Bixe47 version and developing the Bixe prototype for wheelchairs”.

The crowdfunding BiXeGear campaign “Discover The New Special Bike!”, will last 45 days and it will be online on the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+).

For details visit the link below:

On Indiegogo search: BiXeGear: Discover The New Special Bike!

Let make it happen for Bixe Italia and Become one of our Backers and take part to our adventure!its innovative project!