1 October 2015

Tecnomec srl specialist in the production of wood pellet mechanical compactors

Thanks to its highly specialised personnel, Tecnomec is capable of producing any mechanical component or assemblage of parts. Since 2005 the firm has specialised in the design, manufacture and assemblage of wood pellet mechanical compactors, for the production of fuel pellets from sawdust.

Tecnomec also developed its production of spare parts for compactors used for the production of fodder, thereby opening up its possibilities on the international market, particularly towards Germany.

Tecnomec is the first firm to design and produce MECHANICAL COMPACTORS specifically for the production of wood fuel pellets, both for small and medium production quantities.

tecnomec1okOur story

Tecnomec srl first opened in 1984 as a precision workshop for the production of cogwheels used in  traditional machinery. In 1994 the firm embarked on a programme of investment and renewal with the acquisition of a number of programmable machines.

In 2005 Tecnomec began designing, manufacturing and assembling wood pellet mechanical compactors. Together with a series of other partners, in 2008 Tecnomec took over the ownership of U. Protani sas, one of Perugia’s most established firms in the production of machinery gears.

In recent years the firm has developed and stepped up its production of spare parts for the rail sector and steelworking, with results that have been highly satisfactory.

 Our production

  1. Programmed turning for a maximum diameter of 1050 and maximum length of 3200;
  2. Milling with work stations for a maximum length of 3000;
  3. Programmable rectification max length 1500;
  4. Broaching;
  5. Cylindrical gear teeth;
  6. Conical gear teeth;
  7. Construction of special reductors;
  8. Construction of wood pellet mechanical compactors: productive capacity of 200 kg/hour at 20 tons/hour;
  9. Construction of spare parts for wood pellet mechanical compactors: wire drawing, masts,
  10. bodywork;
  11. Construction of complete workings for rotating harrows an dother agricultural machinery.


Tecnomec sta is beginning the production of complete stations for the production of wood pellets, with a small and medium-sized production capacity (200, 500, 1000  kg/hour).

Its high degree of flexibility has enabled Tecnomec to acquire a considerable competitive advantage on the production of small and medium-sized lots of mechanical pieces.