5 August 2015

System Resine, high craft fibreglass

System Resine specialises in finely crafted models, moulds and other composite objects in fibreglass for a variety of sectors ranging from boats to construction, industrial machinery, bodywork for cars and more. Fibreglass is a composite material made up of a polyester resin base that is reinforced with glass fibre. The fusion of these two components produces a material that is highly suited to mechanical parts and offers optimal chemical resistance.


Moreno Fondacci and Danilo Tonti, who decided to set up on their own after many years working as employees for other firms in this sector, founded system Resine in 1995.


Thanks to the lightness and resistance of fibreglass, System Resine is able to produce low weight aircraft and boats. This material also has an interesting variety of uses in design. Fibreglass is also resistant to chemical corrosion and mechanical deterioration, besides being lightweight, non-toxic, requiring none or very little maintenance, offering good thermal insulation, low thermal conductivity and being non-magnetic.

Longstanding clients

Some of our most important and longstanding clients include Trenitalia s.p.a., Umbria Mobilità (the public transport company of Umbria), Ponte Giulio s.p.a. (one of the leading firms in bathroom and sanitation fittings), Angelantoni Test Technologies ( a leading firm in the manifatture of simulated environment testing chambers, to which System Resine supplies the recipients and structures necessary for installing ACS corrosion test chambers).



Whilst remaining a craftsman’s workshop in terms of scale, System Resine has developed a network of experienced and reliable suppliers that enable it to fully meet its clients’ needs, from the consultancy stage right up to the finished product. We excel in the creation of fibreglass moulds, forms and other composite parts.

System Resine is able to craft any object or part in fibreglass, with a broad range of uses from cars to boats, swimming pools, water tanks, skylights and even telephone booths. Fibreglass’ excellent properties in terms of weight, solidity and resistance make it the ideal material for use in the construction of aircraft, for wind turbines and sporting equipment. Its resistance to corrosion is optimal for use in alkaline PH levels such as the seawater used for producing tubing, tanks and grain silos.

System Resine is specialised in the production of bathtubs and bathroom fittings for disabled persons, as well as bathtubs with lateral door openings. We also specialise in small private commissions that require precision work.

(With thanks to Angelantoni Test Technologies and Ponte Giulio s.p.a. for their kind concession of the images).