23 February 2015

Sustainable Energy Solutions for hight Performance

Our company has pretty deep, since one of the partners Fausto Giannelli in 1976, began training as an apprentice at a handicraft company. Immediately identifies areas most suitable and the relevance to learn the trade and solve the problems related to it.

Even then the work performed ranged from civil shipbuilding to industrial, to automation (Municipal water supply), reaching a jurisdiction within the facilities on board. Established in 2013 with his business partners Alessandro Vinti and Maria Mura, Euro Energia srl began its history in terms of large electrical installations and has embarked on a path of continuous growth in renewable energy.

Today designs and manufactures plants from clean sources: photovoltaic systems, hydroelectric plants, solutions for small wind turbines and energy efficiency. The specialist skills in the field of plant engineering, finance and investment, combined with technological ones and an extensive network of collaborations make Euro Energia srl a company able to meet the diverse needs of the market and able to seize the investment opportunities in perspective of environmental sustainability.

Euro Energia srl manufactures technological equipment, electrical, electrical substations, electrical and systems powered by renewable sources, the company also aims to promote a sustainable environmental and economic model based on the green economy, both through the creation of systems integrated production of clean energy, both through the development of investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

The laying of the plants is carried out by technicians of the highest profile and important experience, so that, thanks also to the use of the best materials on the market, safeguard the investment in time and make it grow up as much as possible.

Euro Energia srl based in Perugia and conducts its activities in:
– Installation of electrical and hydraulic technology;
– Engineering and development of Cabins MT/BT
– Engineering and construction of electrical panels, industrial automation systems on board
– Installation of photovoltaic, wind, solar thermal and cogeneration plants;
– Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of technological systems h24.
– Designing innovative systems for energy efficiency
– Sale of electricity.

euro energia

The company is active in the field of maintenance of technological and currently risultes assignee of contracts for the maintenance of electrical systems and technology and the construction of new outlets of supermarkets of Grandi Magazzini Fioroni SpA, the maintenance of electrical and technological installations of the Prison of Perugia, the swimming pool plants managed by the Libertas Rari Nantes soc. coop, and the maintenance of photovoltaic systems and small wind turbines of Kenergia Srl, S.I.P.E. srl and Sienergia SpA, operating with its own department solely dedicated to interventions of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to ensure proper functioning of technological systems in public buildings, private and industrial.