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12 November 2015

Prototypes and samples for the mechanics, shipping and aerospace sectors

WORK MEC S.n.c. started life in 1995 as a small firm working in designing and producing specific prototypes and samples, chiefly for the mechanics industry. Right from the outset, the firm has striven to achieve precision, accuracy and quick delivery. The entire production process, from concept to prototyping and final realisation also of pilot samples (pre-series of pieces or samples), together with any testing these may require (in the final stages of the completion of the actual sample) are supervised internally within a rigorous just-in-time system.

Our range of samples

Here follows a list of the main lines of products we manufacture: pilot samples for small deep drawing and tracing series – samples for sheet metal (progressive tracing samples – block tracing sample – step sampling – transfer sampling – plc sampling – screw threading samples – deep drawing samples) – samnples for thermo-plastic injection, either direct or in a heated chamber – samples for pressure welding – oleodynamic equipment for pressing, puncturing and cutting.

The technologies used for building the samples

For the actual creation of the samples we use software programmes that enable highly specialised machinery to work in precision. Numerically controlled, these highly specialised machines –with programmes and operated by highly specialised personnel – produce the parts that make up the individual sample. The CAD programme possesses a CAM interface that permits the elaboration of each part of the sample individually, which in turn will be supplied to the client using CNC machines. The archiving of all the projects undertaken by us make it easy to retrieve and remake sections of the sample, even after considerable time has elapsed.


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Latest news in industrial sampling

The planning stage is the most delicate stage of the various activities that Work Mec carries out. We do this using specific planning software such as VISI CAD-CAM (based on PC) along with design modules and cam 3-5 axes.

The firm also provides designs for plastic injection samples, flux analysis and progressive sample designs with step-by-step explanations to the highest standards. The software we employ offers direct solutions that cut out those extra steps generated by different software suppliers and the geometric conversions from solid surface or from CAD to CAM required by traditional systems.

Work Mec is in healthy growth, with a constant and keen eye to all the latest technological developments. Our 15 employees and two venture partners are housed in our new, 1,400 square metres headquarters.