Velomobile Naby for Slyway



Naby is a next-generation vehicle, designed with maximum attention to the issues of emissions, resource consumption, and the recycling of raw materials. The vehicle has a very small weight, together to reduce the consumption of raw materials, and the energy consumption. The materials used are recycled or recyclable to reduce the environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

The dimensions are limited to reduce weight, make more fluent circulation and facilitate parking. The reduced mass and top speed, reduce the risk of accidents and the consequences in case of accident. The closed cockpit allows the use of the vehicle in the event of adverse weather conditions. The ergonomics of the seat, controls, and cabin make the vehicle suitable even for users with limited mobility.

Naby is intended to be the most attractive alternative to the car for regular everyday use in urban areas. The project envisages a collective use of the electric vehicle dedicated to provide private and public fleets of rental vehicles, the vehicle-sharing and taxis to and from park and ride shuttle personnel with public or private transport.

Naby differs from the amount of electric cars under development by the major car companies, positioning itself as a pioneer and trailblazer of a new light mobility model. The economic crisis and the crisis in the automotive market, fully represents the opportunity to realize this vision.

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