8 September 2015

PLM – state of the art excellence in metal carpentry

Founded in 1991 by Dino and Fabrizio Pedini, P.L.M. S.n.c. draws on the established experience of these two entrepreneurs as workers in the mechanics sector and has developed into a cutting edge producer of metal carpentry, utensil machinery and assembling. The firm works exclusively on commission and its clients span a broad range of sectors from oil refinery to cars, aerospace, telecommunications, food, pharmaceuticals and shipping. Besides its two founding members, PLM has a total of 14 employees, who for the most part work in the production line.

plm foto 2

Today PLM is able to offer a wide choice of products in terms of metal carpentry and utensil machinery. Thename PLM is synonymous with quality and precision. Over the years the firm has distinguished itself for its reliability and flexibility, thanks also to its adaptability to new market trends such as the need for smaller lots at competitive prices and at short notice.


PLM has implemented the quality management system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

PLM’s top firm clients

Some top international names that are clients of PLM:

PENTAIR VALVELS & CONTROLS ITALIA SRL – manufacturers of journal boxes, bolts and winches in Aisi316/304

QS GROUP SPA – parts in in FE, C40, X155 torniti/fresati per automazione industriale

RAMPINI SPA – honed/milled/welded components for military vehicles, electric buses and snowcats –complete assemblage of military components

ANGELANTONI INDUSTRIE SPA – honed and or welded inox parts for testing systems – manufacture and assemblage of components used in testing systems

MIELE SPA – Components in FE, C40, X155 honed and or milled for industrial automotive systems.

CTC SRL ROUTECH MACHINERY (Gruppo SCM Group SpA) – honed/milled/welded components for milling machines and CNC work stations in the lumber industry

NEMO INDUSTRIE SPA – inox parts for nautical accessories

GABBRIELLI TECHNOLOGY SPA – manufacture and assemblage of machinery for ceramic workshops.

Innovation at PLM

Far from reducing investment in product quality, PLM S.n.c. has adhered to the Rete AdHocGroup network of local firms operating in this sector for the combined development of innovative solutions, also in terms of new patents and commercial strategies.