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27 April 2015

Ideal Graphic Makes the Difference with Carvetising

Our firm specialises in personalising vehicles with advertising, to give that extra thrust to firms wanting to market their products. This new advertising channel has attracted the attention of marketing offices worldwide thanks to its potential for reaching a vast and diversified potential consumer base every day.


Yes this is Carvertising (car+advertising), the latest evolution in advertising that exploits the promotional potential of private car owners and even allows people to market their own products on their own car. The company car is now a communication tool that can be personalised into an immediately operative creative advertisement. We have made it one of our company priorities to personalise vehicles with advertising, logos, contact numbers and websites with essential but effective messages that guarantee 100% visibility.

We specialise in decorating cars with advertising!

By decorating your vehicle you are personalising it with your own advertising message or company logo and sending an immediate message to anyone you pass. This form of advertising decoration can range from simple texts, company logos or contact numbers to include the entire bodywork of the vehicle with special printing techniques that provide also images.

Computer generated previews provide a perfect rendition of the proportions of the decorations on the actual vehicle, along with the colour combinations, the immediate impact of the advertising message, the best placing for the texts or images in relation to the contours of the vehicle – in short, 100% personalisation to suit your company needs. The technique can be applied to any vehicle, from cars to motorbikes, scooters, coaches, trucks, entire company fleets, vans, campers and caravans.

ideal graphic

About us

Our dynamic team is made up of professionals in the advertising sector under the leadership of Cristiano Cozzari (who founded the firm in 1999). We all enjoy the challenge that each new project brings with each new client. At Ideal Graphic marketing is truly at home.

Our firm also offers complete service in graphic design, digital printing in all formats and on all supports, silkscreen printing, advertising billboards, construction signs and road signs. We also design neon signs, banners, gadgets, objects, promotional wear and personalised embroidery.