One great reality of many small delights. Efficient by nature.


“Ad Hoc Group” is a network of company unique. Established in 2013, the network brings together companies from different sectors and is a vertical production chain, able to provide the customer, whether it is an institution, a company or a private, full service, which combines the flexibility of SMEs in the economic strength and entrepreneurial of a large enterprise.

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The projects that are making a big corporate network consisting of small excellence.

Thanks to the know-how of their companies, ``Ad Hoc Group`` is able to conceive, design, patent, prototype, produce, promote and market a wide range of products in many sectors (from mechanics to electronics, from automotive to RENEWABLE energy), directly providing any kind of working of metal and plastic materials. Besides operating in the field of B2B as suppliers of goods and services, ``Ad Hoc Group`` is able to develop and market its products and to third parties confidential B2C market also managing the logistics.

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