6 August 2015

Guardabassi Giancarlo snc offers zinc spraying to combat corrosion

With over forty years working in its field, Guardabassi Giancarlo specialises in treating steel, stainless steel, iron, metal alloys and plastics supplied directly by its clients. The firm is certified ISO 9001.

New zinc spray to combat corrosion

Our latest innovation is a spray zinc coating for the protection of steel and reinforced concrete against the effects of corrosion.

Zinc and its alloys have been used for protecting steel for many years but spray zinc is simply unbeatable when it comes to coating that needs to exceed 70 um, providing a good weld, mechanical resistance and repairs on already corroded surfaces.

Thermal zinc spraying is a technique by which miniscule drops of liquid zinc are propelled onto the desired surface by compressed air. On impact with the surface under treatment the zinc drops solidify, binding onto the surface and among themselves to create even a thick coating. No other treatment of this kind is in fact able to guarantee greater thickness in terms of coating. The technique combines heat energy to liquefy the zinc and kinetic energy to bind all the particles together. If properly stabilised, this coating can last up to twenty years with no periodical maintenance required.

Zinc’s ranking on the electro-chemical scale makes it the first choice in terms of offering protection against corrosive elements. With iron it offers an active protection, oxidising in its stead. The coating also ensures a passive protection thanks to the barrier it forms when sealing iron off beneath its coating.

guardabassi zincatura

Zinc spraying

This simple process is an excellent solution for protecting metal structures from corrosion thanks to zinc’s natural properties as a substance that draws corrosion to itself. The process also allows for maintenance applications using successive sprayings, even with other metals such as copper, lead etc. either for aesthetic reasons or to increase resistance to the effects of corrosion.


Zinc spraying has a broad range of uses, from large scale steel structures to shelving, gas tanks, all exposed parts or to provide protection to existing parts.

Other services

BLASTING cleaning, sanding, shotpeening for either painting or zincing.

DUST PAINT for coating metal surfaces with an organic film, offers protection against corrosion and aggressive agents.

LIQUID PAINTING offers a unique finish to the treated surface, protecting it with a protective film against corrosion and chemical agents such as detergents or lubricants. Broad range of colours available, particularly suited to plastic or metal surfaces.