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17 December 2015

CCSU Rover Challenge Team Bixe Gear

The CCSU Rover Challenge Team is a team of engineering students at Central Connecticut State University who design and build a four wheel, two person, human powered vehicle to compete at the annual NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge in Huntsville Alabama. Since last edition they ...
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bixe gear2
20 November 2015

Turning and milling firm INL deposits a new hunting rifle patent

With twenty years of experience, INL specialises in precision mechanical and metal assignments on commission (precision turning and milling). We use specific production units and CNS precision machinery, with a strongly experienced work team of 10 members. INL is able to guarantee productive capacity and ...
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inl morsa 3.0
16 November 2015

The crowdfunding campaign conceived by BIXE Italia is ready to start : from November, the 2nd you can support the Bixe Italia project on Indiegogo. The company based in Umbria has developed the innovative pedaling system for each type of bicycle

Everything is ready , from Monday, November the 2nd, 2015 , it will be possible to support the BiXeGear campaign: Discover The New Special Bike ! on the most popular crowdfunding website in the world: Indiegogo ( special-bike). An ambitious project that aims to letting …

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12 November 2015

Prototypes and samples for the mechanics, shipping and aerospace sectors

WORK MEC S.n.c. started life in 1995 as a small firm working in designing and producing specific prototypes and samples, chiefly for the mechanics industry. Right from the outset, the firm has striven to achieve precision, accuracy and quick delivery. The entire production process, from …

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work mecFoto 014 ESTERNO DI NOTTE
27 October 2015

Umbria Assemblaggi specialises in adapting industrial vehicles

Founded in 1992, Umbria Assemblaggi today boasts a 24-strong team and occupies a work area of around 2000 square metres. Production is concentrated around three main sectors: metal joinery, construction and the adaptation of vehicles for construction purposes. We devote maximum care to each sector, …

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1 October 2015

Tecnomec srl specialist in the production of wood pellet mechanical compactors

Thanks to its highly specialised personnel, Tecnomec is capable of producing any mechanical component or assemblage of parts. Since 2005 the firm has specialised in the design, manufacture and assemblage of wood pellet mechanical compactors, for the production of fuel pellets from sawdust. Tecnomec also …

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8 September 2015

PLM – state of the art excellence in metal carpentry

Founded in 1991 by Dino and Fabrizio Pedini, P.L.M. S.n.c. draws on the established experience of these two entrepreneurs as workers in the mechanics sector and has developed into a cutting edge producer of metal carpentry, utensil machinery and assembling. The firm works exclusively on …

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6 August 2015

Guardabassi Giancarlo snc offers zinc spraying to combat corrosion

With over forty years working in its field, Guardabassi Giancarlo specialises in treating steel, stainless steel, iron, metal alloys and plastics supplied directly by its clients. The firm is certified ISO 9001. New zinc spray to combat corrosion Our latest innovation is a spray zinc …

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5 August 2015

System Resine, high craft fibreglass

System Resine specialises in finely crafted models, moulds and other composite objects in fibreglass for a variety of sectors ranging from boats to construction, industrial machinery, bodywork for cars and more. Fibreglass is a composite material made up of a polyester resin base that is …

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27 April 2015

Ideal Graphic Makes the Difference with Carvetising

Our firm specialises in personalising vehicles with advertising, to give that extra thrust to firms wanting to market their products. This new advertising channel has attracted the attention of marketing offices worldwide thanks to its potential for reaching a vast and diversified potential consumer base …

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