30 October 2014

Bixe Italia launches its revolutionary new pedalling system for bikes

With its utterly new back-pedalling system, Bixe Italia has revolutionised the world of the bicycle, offering bikers the option to pedal in reverse whilst propelling themselves forward and opening up whole new horizons for keeping fit in this particular sport.

Entirely conceived and patented here in Umbria, this groundbreaking system is the fruit of years of development by Bixe italia, which has perfected the mechanisms enabling bikers to pedal backwards while moving forward at the same speed they would if they were pedalling normally.

This offers countless new training and rehabilitation options in relation to traditional on/off bikes currently on the market, and is a system that can be applied to racing bikes, trekking bikes or mountain bikes, as well as to spinning bikes or hand-bikes for the disabled.

 bixe italia

The advantages of the Bixe Italia system for adults and children

The Bixe system reduces the deterioration and abrasion through use of the body’s kinetic chains geared to a single pedalling direction system, which places less stress on joints such as knees and ankles.  It is therefore an excellent way of developing greater coordination for children.

Set up time

It takes no longer than ten minutes to mount the Bixe system onto your bike. The entire system weighs around 950 grams and there is little or no maintenance once it has been duly greased and closed up.

Countless applications

The Bixe system can be applied to a variety of sporting disciplines and situations, including rehabilitation for the disabled. It is in fact an excellent system for reducing stress on joints and is adaptable also to wheelchairs, besides offering interesting possibilities in the world of spinning bikes for gyms.

Thanks also to its collaboration with CNA Perugia and the Centro Sviluppo Brevetti of Leinì Turin, Bixe Italia has pioneered the development in Umbria of a network of companies highlighting quality, manufacture, technology and design, together with the highly qualified personnel they employ.

Research, dedicated work and a vision for the future are beginning to reap fruits internationally, bringing development and security to Italian, and in particular Umbrian, firms.