5 December 2014

AM Ferrotecnica certified producer of metal welding for industrial and civilian use

Over its twenty-five years of operation within the steelworking sector, AM Ferrotecnica has consistently upheld its drive with passion and devotion. While it continues to concentrate its activities around light and medium welding, the firm also has an important source of work in modular fencing and single block gates of all sizes, which can be made to measure and are EU certified.

AM Ferrotecnica is equipped with all the machinery necessary for various kinds of welding and collaborates with a number of suppliers for more specialised jobs such as laser cutting, plasma, water treatments and turning.

AM Ferrotecnica boasts an Iso 9001 and 3834 – 4 certificate and all its welders are patented in different kinds of welding. The firm is also licensed for the welding process and is currently awaiting ministerial accreditation as a transformation centre.

Thanks to our external suppliers, with whom we have established a long-standing and reliable collaboration over the years, we are able to deliver the finished product, complete with abrasive blasting, galvanisation and powder coating. The various kinds of welding that we are able to perform in house include reinforced tubing but we also complete projects to precise specifications by our clients.

As an added value to our specialised activities in the metalworking sector, we also work special alloys such as Aisi 304, Aisi 310, Aisi 314, Aisi 330 and Incoloy. These special metals are used for making equipment or containing nets that are resistant to high temperatures, from 300 to over 1000°C, according to the specific needs of our clients. All the raw materials we employ in the process have a quality certification.

Particularly during the recent years of economic crisis, AM Ferrotecnica has invested in growth with a view to expansion on an international level together with a constant improvement of our final product. Today the firm is growing, with 1200 square metres of floor space at Palazzo di Assisi coupled with a team of qualified and motivated workers.

carpenteria-am ferrotecnica


In recent years we have created a new line of modular gates and fencing designed to solve problems relating to space, gradients and budget.

Founded in 2014, the Expo Assisi showroom near our production site features the work of many craftsmen designing solutions for the home, while at AM Ferrotecnica itself there are gates, fencing, up-and-over doors, indoor and outdoor stairs, alarm systems and all kinds of street furniture.